Oculaudio - hearing is believing


The OCULAUDIO idea was created in 2017 by Tom Austad, a Norwegian entrepreneur.
Tom has a vision that is ambitious but crystal clear - work harder than anyone else to create a hearing system that is visually appealing and user-friendly, with outstanding sound performance, superb material and modern design.

To fulfill this vision, Tom has allied himself with the industry most influential designers, software developers and specialists to unite an unstoppable team with knowledge, skills, determination and dedication.

The company's vision is to develop the best hearing solution possible, uncomplicated and easily accessible to anyone with a hearing loss.


The company's mission is to develop a new, modern, sophisticated and intuitive "hearing aid" solution that is conceptually different from conventional hearing aids and offer a significantly improved hearing experience for the user.

Do you experience a hearing lossand feeling fatigue after work?

Many hearing impaired persons have lost energy during their daily effort to hear and listen in different situations. Either during the workday or in private settings it requires extra concentration and attention to hear all what is going on around you !

Oculaudio will solve this and bring back relaxed hearing so you can enjoy your time at work or in a social ambiance again without the an effort.